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vtarp heavy duty tarpaulin    In the market of Tarpaulin and Covers, many suppliers differentiate their quality in the division of premium and economy quality and try to grab extra money from the customers' pocket. They even did not mention quality grade and gauge of the material thickness of their products. But We produce only one type of quality and which is premium but at economy prices and we always mention our material gauge and quality in the listing. Majority of the material currently available in the market are not even 100% waterproof, They are folded around the edges and then sewn with thread or cord which creates holes in the fabric and eventually results in either leak or tear. Our range of covers and tarpaulins are ultrasonically sealed joints and stronger eyelets with an extra reinforced material at every 50 cm distance.
non woven

Common Basic Physics law of temperature effect says

Getting Hotter = Getting Bigger
Getting Colder = Getting Shrink

waterproof tarp

 The woven mesh materials so easily get bigger in size at summer time and start leaking and in adverse, it shrinks at winter and becomes so hard to fold so cracking is a common occurrence. These type of tarpaulins and covers are much heavier than our product and at half of the strength of same thickness of vtarp


VTarp is the incredibly durable material that has multiple layers cross-section to try and retain the structural integrity of the piece. It’s 100% waterproof and fully designed to meet your every need and more. 

VTarp’s cover won’t rub off over time and it can withstand certain levels of heat without showing any signs of wear, and this is one of the many reasons why people continue to choose VTarp as their number one product of choice

With a huge range of colours available and a team who will do everything they can to meet your requirements, you know that you won’t find anyone else better than us who can truly go that extra mile for you when buying VTarp.The tensile strength is incredible and it can be draped over sharp or even dangerous objects to keep them secure. 

With VTarp being recyclable as well, it’s safe to say that you really won’t find anything else that can meet your requirements like this can. If you want to find out more then please do contact us today. We would love to hear from you and we can’t wait to help you with absolutely anything you need. You can contact us by filling the contact us form or drop us an email and we will reply you within 24 hours time period.